V20 Edition Rules Changes

Clan Changes

+2 Frenzy Diff, Additionally may not spend willpower to avoid frenzy, but may spend willpower to end a Frenzy that has already begun.

Followers of Set: Add two health levels to damage taken from sunlight. -1 Dice when in bright light.

Each frenzy gains temporary animal characteristic, May be behavioral. Can become permanent.

Tremere: From now on, the first drink of a vampire’s blood counts as two. So after drinking another vampire’s blood, they are always Two points bound.

Sheet Changes

New Abilities

Awareness added. Differing from Alertness (which measures sensitivity to mundane events) and Occult (which covers actual knowledge about the supernatural), this is an instinctual trait used to detect the supernatural. This insight is purely subconscious, and knowing that something’s wrong doesn’t mean that the character knows what it is.

Dodge removed. Incorporated into Athletics.

Security removed. Incorporated into Larceny/Technology.

Linguistics removed. Turned into separate knowledges. See House Rules

Larceny added. Used as familiarity with tools and techniques for criminal activity — picking locks, safecracking, simple hotwiring, sleight-of-hand, etc. This also covers setting up a system to protect against these things, or finding out if such tactics were used (finding where a thief broke in, for example).

Technology added. Represents aptitude with repairing, modifying, installing, subverting, manipulating, and interacting with electronics and hardware. Differs from Computers, which is for collecting, displaying, or transferring information – creating physical results is the purview of Technology. Applies to advanced security or anti-crime technologies, such as video surveillance or alarm systems. You must always choose a specialization for Technology.


For Attributes and Abilities with rating of 4+, rolling a 10 now counts as TWO successes. No rerolls.


Humanity itself is what keeps vampires from seeming strange and terrifying to mortals, by maintaining an unconscious sense of ‘normalcy’. Bearing is a mechanical reflection of this vague impression. The greater the vampire’s Humanity, the stronger and more resolute this feeling is. The lower, the more eerie and palpably monstrous the impression becomes.
Generally Bearing has little to no impact on a vampire’s nightly existence, though very high or low ratings impose bonuses and penalties to associated rolls. For Humanity, this would be social rolls for winning sympathy and appearing as just one of the crowd, as well as relevant Disciplines.

Humanity 10 …… -2 difficulty
Humanity 9-8 ….. -1 difficulty
Humanity 7-4 ….. no modifier
Humanity 3-2 ….. +1 difficulty
Humanity 1 ……. +2 difficulty

Discipline Changes


○○○ Quell the beast:
Though a Kindred’s inner Beast cannot be cowed by this power, the ‘soothing’ variation may be utilized to pull a vampire out of frenzy. With 3 or more successes on the Manipulation + Empathy roll (diff 7), the frenzying vampire may roll Self-Control again to pull themselves together using the same difficulty as the stimulus that caused the frenzy originally.

○○○○ Subsume the spirit:
This power entwines the character’s consciousness closely with the animal’s spirit, so much so that the character may continue to think and feel like that animal even after breaking the connection. This lasts either for a total of seven nights, or three willpower points are spent to resist and overcome. This should be roleplayed accordingly.


Seeing the Unseen
Auspex: Heightened Senses can be used to detect those that are under the mental cloak of Obfuscation, provided the Kindred’s Auspex rating is higher than the hidden subject, and the seeker succeeds in a Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 7, minus the number of dots by which the Auspex exceeds the subject’s Obfuscate). If both ratings are equal, resisted rolls are Perception + Awareness (Auspex user) and Manipulation + Subterfuge (Obfuscated), both difficulty 7. Obfuscated wins on ties.
Animals are considered to have 1 dot of Auspex purely in regards to visually detecting Obfuscate.

○ Heightened senses:
Selectively heightening one specific sense, rather than all, decreases the difficulty to perceive stimuli using that sense by one, although the difficulty to avoid distraction or temporary bedazzlement increases by one as well. When activated in its entirety, dice rolls associated with using the senses (such as Perception + Alertness) decrease in difficulty by a number equal to the character’s Auspex rating.

○○ Aura perception:
A character may choose to do a cursory scan of a large area, like a dance floor or crowded audience, and seek one particular characteristic of aura (the most nervous, the palest ones, etc). If the roll is successful, that is the only information they’re able to glean, although afterwards the player may narrow down her scrutiny to a single individual with an additional roll as per norm. The character may focus in on a particular subject’s aura only once per scene with any degree of clarity.

○○○ The spirit’s touch:
The greater the individual’s emotional connection to the object, the stronger the impression he leaves on it — and the more information the Kindred can glean from it. Assume that each success offers one piece of information, as per the chart below.

Botch: The character is overwhelmed by psychic impressions for the next 30 minutes and unable to act.
Failure: No information of value.
1 success: Very basic information: the last owner’s gender or hair color, for instance.
2 successes: A second piece of basic information.
3 successes: More useful information about the last owner, such as age and state of mind the last time he used the item.
4 successes: The person’s name.
5 successes: A wealth of information: nearly anything you want to know about the person’s relationship with that object is available.

○○○○ Telepathy:
Difficulty changed to the subjects current willpower, not permanent.
Telepathy on supernaturals: Willpower does not have to be spent to send thoughts to other supernaturals, although reading thoughts requires so. The subject recognizes that the thoughts come from somewhere other than his own consciousness, though he cannot discern their actual origin without a successful Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty equal to the vampire’s Manipulation + Subterfuge). The character may attempt to disguise her mental “voice” with a roll of Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty equals the target’s Perception + Awareness) so the target doesn’t recognize her as the “speaker.”

○○○○○ Psychic projection:
Roll changed to Perception + Awareness. The player may spend a point of Willpower to activate this power, and an additional point of Willpower to gain the success necessary to perform the jaunt. This is an exception to the normal rule where a player may not spend more than a single point of Willpower per turn.

Other beings with particular sensitivity to psychic activity may notice the hovering, immaterial shade with a Perception + Awareness (diff 8) roll, with more successes than the Psychic Projection activation roll.


Each dot passively adds one die to all Dexterity rolls (this includes inits).
One blood point can be spent per extra action desired, up to the number of dots available — this can exceed the generational limit (within Celerity only). Any dots used in this fashion cannot be used for passive Dexerity gain.

A 12th generation Triolic with Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Celerity 3, and Potence 2.

  • They can spend 3bp on activating Celerity 3 in its entirety with no extra dots for Dexterity,
  • Or spend 2bp on activating Celerity 2 and use the leftover Celerity dot to have Dexterity 2 + 1.
  • Or spend 1bp on Dexterity 2 —> 3, and use all the Celerity dots to have Dexterity 3 + 3.
  • Or spend 1bp on activating Potence 2 for damage autosuccesses, and have Dexterity 2 + 3.
  • But not spend 2bp on Celerity 2, then 1bp on Potence 2, or on Dexterity 2 —> 3, or any other expenditure.


○ Ignis Fatuus
No Changes, except effect limited to 20 cubic feet per dot of Chimerstry.

○○○ Apparition
No Change, Willpower roll allowed to maintain illusion when doing something other than concentrating on it.


All powers (save Possession) use the target’s current willpower, not permanent, as their difficulty.

Avoiding Eye Contact In order to avoid eye contact, the target may make a Willpower roll against a difficulty equal to Dominate user’s Manipulation + Intimidation. In certain situations, even being blindfolded will not prevent the power from working.


Changes to Dice Rolls. Sepulchre Path 1 now = Witness of Death rather than Insight.

Sepulchre Path
○ Witness of Death:
Before it is possible to control the dead, one must perceive them. This power allows just that, attuning a vampire’s unliving senses to the presence of the incorporeal. Under it’s effects, a necromancer sees ghosts as translucent phantoms gliding among the living and hears their whispers and moans. She feels the spectral cold of their touch and smells their musty hint of decay. Yet one cannot mistake the dead for the living, as they lack true substance, and appear dimmer and less real than creatures of flesh and blood. When a vampire uses this power, her eyes flicker with pale blue fire that only the dead can see.
Ghosts resent being spied upon, and more powerful shades may use their own powers to inflict their displeasure on the incautious.
Roll = Perception + Awareness diff 5. Botch means only seeing the dead. While this power is in use, all perception based rolls are +3 diff. Ghosts notice the use of this power with success on Perception + Alertness diff 7.

○○ Summon Soul:
One Blood point. Roll now Manipulation + Occult (diff 7 or Ghost’s willpower, whichever is higher)

○○○ Compel Soul:
One Blood Point. Roll now Manipulation + Occult resisted against ghost’s Willpower (difficulty 6 for both)

○○○○ Haunting:
One Blood Point. Manipulation + Occult (diff equal to target’s current willpower points to a minimum of 4. Diff rises by 1 if the necromancer wishes to put the ghost in an object. The difficulty decreases by 1 if the necromancer has part of the spirit’s corpse in addition to knowing it’s name. Minimum difficulty 3.)

○○○○○ Torment:
Rolls Stamina + Empathy (difficulty equal to the wraith’s current willpower.) Must touch wraith. Each success deals a level if lethal damage.

Ash Path

Perception + Awareness, diff 7.

○○ Lifeless Tongues:
Perception + Occult, diff 6.

○○○ Dead Hand:
Spend Willpower. Wits + Occult, diff 7.

○○○○ Ex Nihilo:
Two Willpower, Two Blood. Stamina + Occult, diff 8.

○○○○○ Shroud Mastery:
Two Willpower. Willpower Rolls, diff 9.

Bone Path

○ Tremens:
Dexterity + Occult, diff 6.

○○ Apprentice’s Brooms:
Wits + Occult, diff 7. Spend 1 blood and 1 willpower.

○○○ Shambling Hordes:
Willpower. Wits + Occult, diff 8.

○○○○ Soul Stealing:
Spend Willpower. Contested Willpower roll, diff 6. No Effect on Kindred or other Supernatural creatures.


Typically vampires using Obfuscate must be within a short range of their witnesses (approximately five yards or meters per dot of Wits + Stealth) for the power to be effective.

○○○ Mask of 1000 faces:
Vampires wishing to mask themselves as a person more attractive than they really are must pay spend one blood point per extra dot between their natural Appearance score and the mask’s target rating.


Each dot passively adds one die to all Strength rolls. One blood point can be spent to change these dots into automatic Strength successes for a turn.


One blood point must be spent in order to activate Awe, Entrancement, and Summon. A Willpower point must be spent to activate Majesty.
Anyone can resist Presence for a scene (provided they recognize its use) by spending a Willpower point and succeeding on a Willpower roll, difficulty 8 — the affected must continue spending until they are no longer in the presence of the vampire. Those 3+ Generations lower need only spend one Willpower, no roll required.


Many small changes to the wording of paths to better clarify. Along with many minor changes to individual powers.

Path of Blood

No Longer causes Blood Bond

Out of Clan Disciplines

To start the mystical process of assimilating a new out-of-clan Discipline, the student must drink a point of blood from someone who possesses the desired discipline in-clan (the mentor) before instruction can begin — five weeks of learning, with at least one lesson per week.
Improving knowledge of a Discipline already known does not require such a transfer.

System Changes

Multiple actions in a turn subtract the number of actions you want to take from your dice pool. Each subsequent action then uses that dice pool minus 1. In V20, you split your total dice pool up between all of your actions.

V20 Edition Rules Changes

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