The legacy of the Triolics is one of halcyon greatness marred by their own fiery natures. Theirs was the glory of ancient Carthage, but Amari treachery in ancient Rome brought the dream to an end. Since then, the Triolics have borne a grudge.
Tonight, during this Renaissance, the Triolics are poets and provocateurs. Warriors and rebels, dreaming of glories of days gone by, flying in the face of authority. As rebels, it’s in their nature to challenge the status quo — though sometimes, without adequate opposition, they embody the status quo themselves. It works out fine, because there’s always a hot-blooded Triolics waiting in the wings to bring down an uppity Clanmate grown too comfortable in the role of rebel-turned-dictator.
More so than any other Clan, the Triolics still feel the flames of the passions that once inspired them as mortals. Triolics love a cause and are quick to act on a stirring speech, accusation of injustice, or a call to arms. This connection to passion can be a blessing, but inspiration can also yield to the madness and hunger of the Beast. A wise Prince does not turn his back on the Triolics, and rare is the Triolic who would allow herself to be manipulated or pandered to. They are their own master, first and foremost, and those who would bring them to heel face a terrible task.

Background: Triolics look for thinkers and those frequently dissatisfied with society as they know it. A craftsman may be unlettered, but will be considered if he can express his thoughts reasonably well. Martial candidates are considered for their ability to plan and strategize, not just how well they swing a sword or fire an arquebus. Triolics also embrace those of noble blood, but often those who have been passed by in the order of succession. Second sons and overlooked daughters often carry with them great ambitions and righteous zeal, and are often eager to carve a name for themselves.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Weaknesses: The same passions that inspire Triolics to greatness or depravity, left unchecked, can send them into incandescent rages: The difficulties of rolls to resist or guide frenzy are two higher than normal. Additionally, a Triolic may never spend Willpower to avoid frenzy, though he may spend a point of Willpower to end a frenzy that has already begun.


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