Those who doubt that the Embrace is a curse need look no further than the Nutha. Twisted by the mark of Caine, members of Clan Nutha are warped by the Embrace into hideous monsters. As such, they skulk and keep to the shadows, and they often rouse the ire and mockery of other Kindred for their nightmarish appearances. Still others are so terrified or revolted by the Nutha that these warped Kindred have little social interaction at all.
To their credit, the Nutha come to possess many of the whispered secrets of their reluctant fellows. They enjoy a grudging respect as the information-brokers of the Kindred, given their supernatural acumen at stealth and the fact that many Kindred would rather ignore them than acknowledge them. Savvy Nutha exploit this for all it’s worth, turning the hypocrisy of other vampires to their own profit. On the whole, the Nutha condition is lonely and alienating. How they react to the Curse of Caine varies with their outlook and mental stamina, but it’s hard to be an object of utter revulsion and not let it shape one’s disposition toward one’s “Kindred” in some way. Some of them are cruel, as blighted on the inside as they are on the outside, while others are tragic, wretched creatures who have been cursed with eternal outsider status through no choice of their own.
Christian Nutha often see themselves as cursed by God, but also capable of redemption through penance and piety. They are particularly attracted to the penitent movement as they are capable of withstanding weeks of self inflicted pain.

Background: The Nutha Embrace the damaged, flawed, outcast, or vile, feeling some degree of kinship with them. Others Embrace spitefully, dragging the beautiful or privileged into an immortal hell of disfigurement and monstrosity. It is not unusual to see Nutha embraced from the ranks of Lepers and the like.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Weaknesses: All Nutha have an Appearance score of zero, and they may never improve it. Cross it off the character sheet. Dice pools that use the Appearance Trait are inherently difficult for these hideous Kindred.


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