Despite the world becoming increasingly enlightened, and cities of men growing ever more prolific and populated, the truth is, the vast majority of the known world is still a wilderness. Vast forests, empty dales and rugged mountains remain free of man’s influence. Here the Ennoia make their home. More than any other Clan, the Ennoia resemble the beasts associated with the legends of vampires. The Ennoia have other characteristics in common with animals as well. Many shun the elaborate social constructs of both Kindred and kine. A number of them prefer to move alone or as a member of small packs or coteries. Most are tough and, when pressed, ferocious. And when Ennoia succumb to the depredations of the Beast, they are left with some feature redolent of the animal kingdom.
As a Clan, the Ennoia are wary and aloof. Most would prefer to spend their nights stalking prey or wilding on the rooftops than minding Princely edicts or lobbying for recognition of domain.

Differences between Ennoia more often fall along the lines of domain and feeding rights than they do on generational mistrust, and the things that concern young members are matters that concern Ennoia ancillae and even elders. Still, one would be hard-pressed to consider the relationship among Ennoia of different generations amicable, except in isolated sire-childe situations. The Beast is ever suspicious of those who would take sustenance from it.

Background: Ennoia sire childer like they seek prey: after long hunts during which the prospective childe doesn’t even know she’s being followed. Creating a fledgling means sharing limited resources, so each sire childe relationship is unique and significant. They
Embrace because they choose an individual, not out of whim or recklessness. Those who earn their attention are hardy, whether physically or emotionally.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Weaknesses: Every time a Ennoia frenzies, she acquires a temporary animal characteristic (which may replace an existing temporary one). A patch of fur, a brief torpor after feeding, or skittishness around crowds — all of these may mar them after frenzy. Characteristics acquired in Ennoia frenzies need not only be physical – they can be behavioral as well.
Players should work with the Storyteller to determine what new animal trait is acquired (whether the frenzy involved the fight-or-flight impulse may be relevant).
Over time, or in an exceptional situation, a particular animal feature may become permanent, with the next frenzy adding a new feature. A good guideline is to require each frenzy-gained trait to have some effect grounded in system terms (such as the temporary reduction of Social Attribute dots or a permanent loss of Humanity), though some Storytellers may allow narrative – only traits that can shape the story.


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